There are 10 governors on the Governing Body representing the following groups:

  • Headteacher
  • 5 Trust Governor
  • 1 Staff Governor
  • 3 Parent Governors
  • 1 Associate Governor

Governors meet at the end of each half term. Each governor takes on particular roles and responsibilities and apart from the normal business of each meeting we may often report back on our specific responsibilities during that period. We regularly receive reports from subject lead staff and this is one way of how we get to know the staff as well as coming into school for specific reasons.

School governors act in the same way as directors of any size company. Our responsibility is to work together with the Head teacher, staff and pupils to provide a successful learning environment at Astley Primary School. To do this we set the strategic direction for the school, agree targets for pupil achievement, ensure a proper curriculum is in place, approve and monitor the School’s Improvement Development Plan, monitor and evaluate progress, make sure targets are achieved, and oversee the school’s budget.

The minutes of the meetings are available to view from the school office via the link from this webpage. Governors welcome comments from parents regarding the school at any time. You can email the Chair of Governors with any questions or comments you may have via the school office.

Minutes 3.11.17

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