Graham Pickhaver – Chair of Governors

(Trust Appointed Governor)


I’m Graham Pickhaver currently Chair of governors. I’ve been a Norfolk school governor now for twenty years having served in a variety of schools and have lived in Briston for nine years. I am retired with a background in education and theology.  For me education is about the partnership of home and school working together to develop each child’s individual personality and potential so that they can live and function in society.  Astley is well placed to work with parents and carers in this greatest of responsibilities!

Term of office: 30.9.2014 – 30.09.2018      Governors Meeting Attendance: 100%

Business and Pecuniary Interests: Nil interest

Appointed by: Selected by the Governing Body in consultation with skills audit

Scott Kennedy – Vice Chair of Governors

(Trust Appointed Governor)


I am an area sales manager for a high street bank. I have been in the financial services industry for over 15 years and bring management as well as financial experience to the governor role.  Astley has been through a lot of positive change over the past few years.  I am looking forward to being part of a school that is focused on developing all of its students to their highest potential over the coming years.

Term of office: 30.01.2014- 28.01.2018        Governors Meeting Attendance: 86%

Business and Pecuniary Interests: Nil interest

Appointed by: Elected/selected by parent constituency.


Adrian Hill – Parent Governor 


My name is Adrian Hill and I am a parent governor. I have a background in retail store management and experience as a buyer for a department store. I am self-employed as the managing director of Adrian Hill Fine Art and The Gallery, Picturecraft in Holt. I have two children at Astley Primary School which was my motivation to join the board of governors and hope that my links with local business can benefit the children and the teaching staff. I feel that Astley school has set the foundations to excel in the role of educating and developing the children in a safe and happy learning environment.

Term of office: 30.9.2014 – 30.09.2018        Governors Meeting Attendance: 43%

Business and Pecuniary Interests: Nil interest

Appointed by: Selected by the Governing Body in consultation with skills audit

Colin Trotman – Trust Appointed Governor


I joined the Governing body as a Parent Governor in January 2014 and have two children at Astley. I work for a technology company managing data for Local authorities and public transport.  My area of responsibility is Health and Safety. I am also very pleased to represent parents on the school improvement plans covering: “parents and the wider community” and “premises”.  I believe that all pupils should have a safe environment that is conducive to learning, which allows them to achieve their full potential.

Term of office: 30.1.2014 – 30.01.2018        Governors Meeting Attendance: 86%

Business and Pecuniary Interests: Nil interest

Appointed by: Elected/selected by parent constituency

 Carol Sexton -Trust Appointed Governor 


I moved back to live in Norfolk from Scotland with my two children in 1978 after accepting the post of Health Visitor for this area and worked with the GP’s at Melton Constable and Fakenham surgeries.  I had a long and fulfilling career in the NHS both as a Health Visitor and as Deputy Director of Nursing which enabled me to develop new services in the community including the setting up of the school nursing service across mid Norfolk.  Since retirement I trained for three years to become a Reader (lay minister) in the Church of England and now enjoy seeing the children in a variety of settings across the local community.  I believe that every child deserves the opportunity to develop to their full potential through excellent education and loving parenting.  Since becoming a Local Authority Governor in 2015 my area of responsibility is for children with special education needs.  I hope my past experience as a Health Visitor, Senior Nurse Manager and now as a Reader can benefit the children and staff of Astley Primary School to achieve the vision of aiming high and succeeding together.

Term of office: 23.03.15-22.03.2019                Governors Meeting Attendance: 86%

Business and Pecuniary Interests: Nil interest

Appointed by: Approved by the County Councillor responsible for Governors

Paul Beale – Trust Appointed Governor 


I am Assistant Principal and the Head of Mathematics at Reepham High School and College.  Throughout my ten years in teaching I have gained a great deal of experience of both curriculum issues and data analysis and I hope that this will be helpful to the Governing Board.  Being a teacher I know how important a good education can be and how it can change a child’s future.  Primary schools are vitally important in building solid foundations in a child’s development and they can ignite a lifelong passion for learning.  It is a great pleasure to join Astley’s Governing Board and I hope that I can help the school continue to do the best job possible for all of its children.

Term of office: 12.07.2015 – 13.07.19        Governors Meeting Attendance: 71%

Business and Pecuniary Interests: Declared -Works for Reepham High School and College also in the Synergy Trust.

Appointed by: Selected by the Governing Body in consultation with skills audit


Mrs L Cook – Parent Governor

I am a new parent to Astley Primary School with a child in Year One. My expertise is in Education, I qualified as a teacher in 1994 and have taught in a range of Primary Schools in North, Central and West Norfolk. I have been a Headteacher of four Primary Schools and I currently lead a Multi Academy Trust in West Norfolk. I am passionate about children having the best education possible and I am keen and feel privileged to support the school using the expertise and knowledge that I have around the way children learn and the way schools operate. Outside of my work life I enjoy spending time with my family, reading crime novels and playing squash. 

Mrs HD Pegg – Headteacher


I have taught at Astley Primary School since September 1989.  I became a member of the Leadership Team in 2002 and Deputy Head Teacher in 2007.  I took on the role as Acting Head Teacher in September 2010 and Head Teacher in March 2012.  I am passionate about our role at the school in making a difference to children’s lives.  I believe in offering an education that gives children not only the opportunity to succeed academically but also to have as wide a variety of experiences we can give them.  Having been here for so long I know the local area well and obviously know many of the local community.  I am now leading the school where the children of children I have taught are now part of !

Start Date: 08.03.2012

Miss Coleman – Staff Governor

I have been a teacher at Astley Primary School for over 11 years and have had the privilege of being the Class Teacher for a variety of year groups across the school. I am currently the schools Inclusion Coordinator which gives me the opportunity to support a range of children and their families.  It is a pleasure to be the Staff Governor at Astley Primary School.

Start Date: 05.09.2016

    Mrs Goakes – Associate Governor 

I am Deputy Headteacher at Astley Primary School.  I had the privilege of beginning my teaching career here at Astley as an NQT in 2007 and have thoroughly enjoyed teaching Years 6 and 2 and leading both Key Stages.  I have a variety of experience leading English and Primary Languages across the school and feel absolutely passionate about providing children with the skills and opportunity to thrive and become lifelong learners.  I believe every child has a right to a broad, enriched curriculum and a wide range of extra curricular activities.  My other passion is netball and I love sharing my skills and knowledge with the children at Netball Club.

Start date: 03/2018

Business and Pecuniary Interests – Nil return

Governors serving within the last 12 months:

Toni Potter

Term of office: 10.09.2015 – 10.09.2019