As Astley is now part of the SYNERGY Multi-Academy Trust overall management of the six schools currently in the Trust is in the hands of a board of Directors. However each school is required to have a Local Governing Board (LGB) made up of staff, parents and Trust appointed representatives. The LGB has been given delegated powers mainly within the areas of teaching and learning. The chair of Astley’s LGB is one of the Directors so there are close links between the LGB and main Board.

There are 10 governors on Astley’s LGB and any parent vacancies are advertised in the school’s newsletter. The LGB continues to represent different groups who have an interest in the school. We meet as a LGB at least twice a term.

As governors we have been given delegated powers mainly in the areas of teaching and learning. It is our responsibility both to the school and to the Directors to work together with the Head teacher, staff and pupils to produce a successful learning environment at Astley. To do this we set the strategic direction for the school, agree targets for pupil achievement, ensure a proper curriculum is in place and approve the School’s Improvement Development Plan including monitoring and evaluating progress and making sure objectives are achieved.


The minutes from our meetings are available to view from the school office or via the link from this webpage. As governors we welcome comments from parents regarding the school at any time. You can contact the Governors via the school office or you can email the Chair of Governors with any questions or comments you may have.

LGB Minutes 21-05-18

LGB Minutes 2.7.18