Curriculum Policy

Astley Primary School will provide a curriculum which, inspires, challenges and safeguards all our pupils. We are proud to use the national curriculum as a starting point for a wide and varied learning experience for all our children. Our children will have the opportunity to be creative, to be physically active and to be academically challenged.

At the bottom of this page you will find listed the planning for each year group.


We aim to ensure our pupils are:

  • successful learners – who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve
  • confident individuals – who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • responsible citizens – who make a positive contribution to society

The school has three National Curriculum Key Stages within its age range: EYFS for children aged 4-5, Key Stage One (KS1) for children aged 5-7, and Key Stage Two (KS2) for children aged 7-11.

The EYFS covers personal, social, and emotional development, communication, language and literacy, problem solving, reasoning and numeracy, knowledge and understanding of the world and physical and creative development. This follows Development Matters and is assessed against the Early learning Goals (ELG) at the end of the school year.

Read, Write, Inc

We follow the Read Write Inc scheme for English. Part of this is a synthetic phonics based programme and older children also follow the Literacy and Language part of the programme. This is a lively and consistent approach to success in raising standards in reading and writing. These programmes are designed to stimulate and challenge children’s thinking and create enthusiastic, lifelong readers and writers in them all.

The five key principles of the Read, Write Inc. programme are:

Participation, Praise, Pace, Purpose and Passion.


We follow the national curriculum objectives for mathematics. We plan against the national curriculum expectations for all our pupils, tracking progress daily to ensure progress is rapid. Teachers plan opportunities for reasoning and problem solving skills to ensure these are embedded throughout the week. 

Maths Whole School Curriculum

A Whole Curriculum Approach

At Astley Primary School we value the importance that pupils learn best when lessons are engaging, creative and meaningful. Both KS1 and KS2 follow the International Primary Curriculum. This meets the statutory requirements for the new curriculum in a creative and thematic way. This helps children make links between many areas of learning in a progressive way throughout their time at Astley Primary School.

IPC Curriculum 2017 – 2018

Religious Education

Religious Education is a legal entitlement for every pupil. It forms part of the basic curriculum (National Curriculum + RE). Its place in the school curriculum acknowledges the important role which beliefs and values play in people’s lives, regardless of any religious commitments. Religious Education at Astley is provided in accordance with the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus 2005 and 2012.

Primary Languages

The teaching of Primary Languages (PL) at Astley is in line with the existing guidance of the KS2 Framework for Languages (2005) and the Framework’s 5 strands and objectives are at the core of our planning. One of the key models as suggested by the framework is to learn 2 languages in 4 years. The aim of this is so by the end of their time at primary school the children will have a range of experiences in both French and Spanish.

Year 1& 2- French using ‘Dinocrocs’

This is a teacher-led immersion programme that involves the teacher telling and acting out a simple story in French. The aim at the end of the unit is for the children to be able to retell the story.

Years 3 and 4- Spanish using ‘Early Start- Tu Y Yo’.

This is a teaching scheme that is based on both learning the language and gaining an insight into the culture of Spain.

Years 5 and 6- French using ‘Rigolo’.

This is an interactive scheme that is based on French language learning with ‘mother-tongue’ examples and teacher-led activities that are engaging and stimulating.

Physical Education

All classes follow a progressive scheme of work using ‘Val Sabin’. All classes have a minimum of 2 hours of high quality PE within the week. We ensure good coverage of all areas of the curriculum. All KS2 classes have block of swimming lessons.

British Values

We actively promote our British Values of:

  • democracy
  • rule of the law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

We embed these through an open minded enquiry throughout our International Primary Curriculum, RE curriculum, School council, assemblies and daily ethos within school life.

We also have a British Values question each week.  Each class answers this through a class discussion and their ideas are shared on our British Values display board.

Focus Days/Weeks

In addition, ‘Focus Days and weeks’ are a large part of our curriculum. These include opportunities for the children to focus on one particular area for an extended period of time; thus enriching their skills, knowledge and experience of the subject. For example, Maths Focus Day, European Languages Day, Science Day, Active Week and Arts Week.


Extra-Curricular Activities

We are committed to developing the whole child. We extend the curriculum by offering extra-curricular activities, including: Animation, Book, Energy, Forest Schools Football, Dance, Homework, Circus, Drama, Knit and Stitch, Science, Ukulele, Running and Choir.


The school has a strong commitment to the added value of learning beyond the statutory school day and beyond the school premises by the use of carefully planned Educational visits. Residential visits are planned for Year 4, 5 and 6 which are linked to the year group’s curriculum.

Half Termly Planning is shown below:


Year 4 – Summer 2