House Team Nature Trail

We had wonderful weather for this year’s House Team Nature Trail!
Superb teamwork, imagination and nature awareness was shown by all teams.
Congratulations to everybody who took part.

Shared Reading – Orion House Team (Green)

Orion House Team Shared Reading.  Green Team had a lovely time his morning. We shared books together after practicing our House Team Hymn and our full house team motto! Greens, Greens, Always a Team!
Don’t forget to put your House Points in the pot, Orion.

House Team Reading – Phoenix (Red)

Phoenix really enjoyed their shared reading time this morning in their House Team Meeting. The younger children were able to listen to a variety of different stories read to them by the older children in the House Team.
It was great to see and hear how much enthusiasm the children have for reading! Keep up the good work!

House Team Art Competition

The House Teams were set a challenge to design a hand drawn and eye catching poster about reading, including tips to encourage others to read. The final 3 winning posters were selected based on the criteria, with two winning entries from Red House Team and one winning entry from Green House Team. This means that Red House Team scooped up first place, with Green close behind in second and Blue and Yellow House Teams coming joint third. We are looking forward to displaying the winning entries around school!

House Team Tag Rugby

After a week of hard fought games in testing conditions, the final results are in for this year’s competition.
Congratulations to Phoenix (Red Team) for ending up the overall winners.
Well done to all of those who took part or came and supported their house team.
Some fantastic team work shown by all!







Phoenix House Team Building

On Friday, Phoenix had a fantastic afternoon of team building activities in the sun. We had a carousel of activities which included two different blindfolded challenges, a battle on the ground with feet and footballs, as well as a code-cracking team challenge involving cones and brains! We concluded the afternoon with some fun activities using the rainbow parachute. Thanks to all the parents and staff who were able to help out and join in with the activities.







Delphinus House Team Building

On Friday Blue House Team came together for an afternoon of team building activities. We took the opportunity to tap into our blue spirit and have fun together. We played team ball games with Mr Brenchley, practised yoga with Miss Holness, did art with Miss Brown and practised our team obstacle skills with Mrs Morgan-Wickson. All in all we had an excellent afternoon. We try our best in everything we do that’s the spirit of Delphinus Blue!