House Team – Spelling Bee

On the 9th June 2017 Astley held its very first Spelling Bee house team competition! Children worked in pairs to spell the words with suffixes, double letter, silent letters and common exception words. All the contestants showed an excellent command of spelling and fantastic team work under the pressure from the buzzer. Eventually after a close contest it was the Team Phoenix that came out on top.

Yellow House Team Garden

Yellow House Team have froglets in their little pond! The garden is looking very pretty and we have picked our first ripe red strawberry.

House Team Netball

The house teams have been taking part in the netball competition. There has been some fantastic team work from all the teams. Well done everyone.  The overall winners were Orion.

House Team – Dance Competition

The last day of the Spring Term ended on a high with the House Team Dance competition 2017 event. There was fantastic support for the event with many relatives attending to support their children. We had some very special judges this year who very kindly gave their time to do a very difficult task.

The theme was the 1980’s and the children worked really hard during their lunchtimes with teachers to choreograph a group dance which included two children from each year group.

The winners were Phoenix (Red) House Team, very closely followed by Orion (Green) and in joint third place were Pegasus (Yellow) and Delphinus (Blue) House Teams.

Everybody got up to dance at the end when Pheonix did their encore to I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston which was the perfect ending.

Well done to everybody who took part, we certainly have some winning memories to treasure.

Dance competition winners red house team!

Green House Team

Yellow House Team

Blue House Team