Orion House Team Shared Reading

Green Team had an enjoyable time looking at books together this morning.
One day the KS1 children might be able to read as well as the KS2 children.

House Team Tag Rugby

Astley House Teams have been competing against each other in the annual house team rugby tournament.
Each house team entered a team with one player from each Key Stage class and several substitutes.
It was a very close tournament with a real mixture of results. All house teams showed fantastic teamwork and a great spirit of fair play.
The overall winners were Orion House Team (Green Team).
Well done to all who took part especially those who stood in as substitutes at short notice.

House Team – Spelling Bee

On the 9th June 2017 Astley held its very first Spelling Bee house team competition! Children worked in pairs to spell the words with suffixes, double letter, silent letters and common exception words. All the contestants showed an excellent command of spelling and fantastic team work under the pressure from the buzzer. Eventually after a close contest it was the Team Phoenix that came out on top.