House Team Tag Rugby

Astley House Teams have been competing against each other in the annual house team rugby tournament.
Each house team entered a team with one player from each Key Stage class and several substitutes.
It was a very close tournament with a real mixture of results. All house teams showed fantastic teamwork and a great spirit of fair play.
The overall winners were Orion House Team (Green Team).
Well done to all who took part especially those who stood in as substitutes at short notice.

Girls 5/6 Football Team

On Tuesday 7th November six girls from years 5 and 6 went to WNDSSP to play in a football tournament. There were twelve teams altogether divided into four groups, at this point, after playing six games we were placed 2nd. During the afternoon, all the first placed teams played a knock out as did the second and third placed. Astley played brilliantly winning 5-0 and 8-0 consecutively. A good day was had by all. Overall Astley finished in 5th place. Thanks go to Mrs Allen, Mrs Starling and Mr Hill for helping escort the children for the day.

Science Quiz – Reepham High School

Science Quiz at Reepham High School

A team of four Year Sixes took part in the annual Reepham High School Science Quiz this week.
It was a hard fought competition with lots of rounds, including two estimation rounds; identify the microscope image; identify the animal sound; specialist subject and identify the scientific equipment. They had been given a page of facts about a famous scientist (Bunsen) to revise and scored full marks in that round! After holding second place for some of the later rounds, we ended the quiz in third place. A lot of effort had gone into preparing for this quiz and the pupils were fantastic representatives for the school. Well done!

Holt Hall Day 2 continued

Year 4 have had a super afternoon testing their survival skills in Holt Hall woods. They built their own shelter and prepared a fire to cook fish and apples on. The class learnt what a fire needs to burn and how to stay safe. They had the opportunity to try the food they have cooked and tried some mint tea.

Holt Hall Day 2

On our second day at Holt Hall we have spent the morning at the lake. The children used nets to collect a variety of pond life. They used identification keys to help them identify what they had caught. It was amazing to see the number of creatures that live in Holt Hall lake!

Holt Hall Day 1 continued

This afternoon at Holt Hall, the year 4 children have been carrying out scientific investigations linked to the mini-beasts they found earlier in the day. The class divided into groups and created questions that they wanted to answer. They then worked as a team to plan and carry out their investigation. The class enjoyed planning and discovering the answers to their questions!

Holt Hall Day 1

The year 4 children have arrived safely at Holt Hall and have enjoyed exploring the grounds including the play area. This afternoon the children have been on a mini-beast hunt in the woods. They are going to the lab to set up experiments linked to the creatures they have found.