Gateways to the World (IPC) – Year 3

What an exciting climax to our IPC topic!
The class imagined they were travelling to four countries.
After the in-flight safety video, made by the children, they took off for their trip.
First they visited Italy where they made masquerade masks and tasted figs, lemons and thyme.
Egypt was the next stop where they made a mini sarcophagus each and tried dates and pomegranate.
Then they visited China where they experimented with Chinese writing. The tasty treats from China were Tofu and Goji berries.
Our last visit was to Peru. The children tried the traditional craft of weaving and tried Avocados and passion fruit.
Gateways to the world was an exciting and enjoyable topic.
A big thanks to Mrs Ruston who helped us with the activities.

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