Easter Activities

The children at Acorns have been busy making items for Easter.




Christmas Decorations 

At Acorns the children and staff have been busy making decorations for the All Saints church Christmas tree festival.
Lots of children have made cross stitch decorations under the watchful eye of Mrs Barber, who is Acorns cross stitch expert. Other children made salt dough shapes. They then decorated them with paint and lots of glitter.
The festival is on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th December.
Our charity which we are supporting this year is the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)




Halloween October 2017

Halloween fun at Astley Acorns this week. We got messy carving the pumpkin on Monday night then on Tuesday and Wednesday we made salt dough Halloween shapes and did some Halloween colouring.


July 2017

We are busy at Breakfast Club this morning

May 2017

The children had enjoyed their day laying bricks with the builders. At Acorns some of the children played with the cement mixer and plastic blocks making their own walls.

March 2017

The children at Acorns Club decided they would like to help the Comic Relief fundraising cake sale. Several younger members made cupcakes. Then later they were decorated by other children. As you can see they looked fantastic and are sure to be sold quickly to raise money for this great cause.

At Acorns the new curtains have brightened up the setting. A big thank you to Mrs Sutton for the alterations to them.
The children are enjoying having a building site so close. The younger children through role play have been using our cement mixer and road signs to make their own construction site.



November 2016

Now it’s a bit colder porridge is a popular choice for breakfast.
The children this morning thought they would get themselves moving joining in ‘just dance’ on the Wi.



Christmas cross stitch. Straight after finishing their Halloween cross stitch several children have begun their Christmas needlework.10


Two strange visitors to Breakfast Club the other morning!